Custom Slip Resistant Breathable Mesh Large Shoe Organizer

Ultimate Durability:Crafted with robust non-woven fabric and reinforced stitching, this Mesh Shoe Organizer defies wear and tear, withstanding up to 40 pounds of weight. Your shoes, sneakers, and belongings find a long-lasting home in this resilient organizer.

Secure & Seamless:Equipped with four sturdy hooks, this organizer firmly grips onto doors, seamlessly integrating into your space. Its slip-resistant design ensures stability, providing a secure hold over most doors.

Breathable Mesh Pockets:Each pocket boasts breathable mesh construction, safeguarding your items while allowing airflow. Bid farewell to odors and dust as your belongings remain fresh and accessible. With 100% visibility, finding your essentials is a breeze.

Product Description

Product Name: Mesh Shoe Organizer


Brand: OEM/ODM


Material: Fabric + Mesh




Size: 4.5″D x 19″W x 64″H


Sample Time: 5-7 Days


Port: Shanghai or Any Port In China

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