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Versatile Usage:Our versatile Collapsible Storage Bins are designed for use in a wide range of settings. They excel as closet organizers, help streamline laundry rooms, provide tidy living room storage, offer efficient bedroom organization, serve as handy bathroom organizers, optimize kitchen storage, function as reliable food containers, and enhance office storage solutions. These bins are adept at accommodating various items, making them a flexible and pragmatic storage option.

Multi-layered and Spacious:Our range of plastic storage drawers comes in various tiers and sizes, offering plenty of room for organizing and storing a wide range of items. These drawers are versatile and can be used for purposes such as storing dog food, organizing toys, keeping car essentials in order, holding snacks, housing books, storing hats, and organizing tools. The multi-tier box comes with a lid, which is only present on the top tier.

Easy Access to Your Items:Our product sets itself apart from traditional storage boxes with its innovative magnetic closure system, ensuring effortless opening and closing. This design allows for convenient access to the contents within. Additionally, the translucent panel aids in swiftly identifying the items stored inside, maintaining a tidy appearance without the visual clutter associated with clear plastic bins.

Product Description

Product Name Plastic Boxes
Material Plastic
Style modern
Product Dimensions ‎Customized
Sample Time 5-7 Days
Delivery Time 30-45 Days
MOQ 500 Pcs
Package Type: Mail order box & Color insert
Certificate BSCI, TUV, BV

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