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      Welcome to our official website! As a leading manufacturer based in China, we specialize in delivering top-tier bulk storage bags designed to meet the needs of global e-commerce retailers and offline superstores. Our product range encompasses various sizes, durable materials, and innovative designs, all aimed at fulfilling your requirements for reliable, high-capacity storage solutions.

      Whether you operate in Europe, America, Japan, even around the world, our storage bags undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring superior quality, competitive pricing, and dependable delivery times. Beyond this, we offer personalized customization services to align with your specific market and brand needs. Explore our product lineup and discover how we can enhance your storage management, enabling a more efficient and organized approach to elevate your business performance!

Product Specifications and Features for Bulk Storage Bags

Material Composition

Used for simple storage solutions like clothing organizers, shopping bags, and small storage boxes.

Breathability:Non-woven fabric often offers good breathability, suitable for storing clothing or fabrics, aiding in keeping them dry.

Lightweight & Foldable: Typically lightweight and easily foldable, making them convenient for carrying around.

Environmentally Friendly: Many non-woven fabrics are recyclable, making them eco-friendly.

Often used for durable storage solutions like travel bag, backpacks, and large storage bags.

Abrasion Resistance & Durability: Oxford fabric often exhibits excellent resistance to wear and tear, suitable for long-term use and heavy items.

Water Resistance: Treated Oxford fabric may have some level of water resistance, protecting stored items from moisture.

Ease of Cleaning: Relatively easy to clean and resistant to stains, suitable for storing items that require cleanliness.

Canvas is used for robust and durable storage bags like tool bags, outdoor gear packs, etc.

High Strength: Canvas is typically very sturdy and durable, suitable for carrying heavy items and enduring physical wear.

Natural Appearance: It has a natural look and feel, making it a stylish and durable choice.

Versatility: Due to its strength and durability, canvas is suitable for various settings including outdoor activities and work environments.

PVC is commonly used for highly waterproof storage solutions like waterproof bags, swim bags, etc.

Excellent Waterproofing: PVC material often exhibits excellent waterproofing, ideal for protecting items from moisture.

Ease of Cleaning:Smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean, with strong stain resistance.

Versatility: It can be used to create various shapes and styles of bags, catering to diverse needs.

Custom Process for Bulk Storage Bags


Customer provides specifications: Determine the type, size, material, color, and print design for the bulk storage bag.
Design phase: Designers create initial drafts based on requirements, engaging in iterations until reaching a design that satisfies the client.


Post design confirmation, suitable materials such as fabric, zippers, fasteners, etc., are chosen.
Negotiate with suppliers and procure the necessary materials, ensuring quality and quantity align with production needs.


Creating samples: Use the design drafts to produce initial samples for client review and quality assessment.
Client approval: Present samples to the client for review and approval, making necessary modifications if required.


Upon sample approval, establish a production schedule: including material preparation, cutting, sewing, printing (if needed), assembly, etc., with allocated time frames.


Material cutting: Cut materials into appropriate sections according to the design and size specifications.
Sewing assembly: Skilled workers stitch and assemble the sections to create the storage bags, adhering to design and structural requirements.


Conduct thorough quality checks on the manufactured storage bags: ensuring size accuracy, strong stitching, clear printing (if applicable), and overall quality compliance.


Packaging: Properly package the quality-checked storage bags, potentially including labels, tags, etc.
Shipping: Arrange for product shipment or store them in warehouses for distribution.


Deliver the custom bulk storage bags to the client and gather feedback and satisfaction levels, enabling improvements or future customization based on the input received.


Why Choose Us

we craft more than just storage bags—we engineer solutions to elevate your storage experience

Uncompromising Quality

      Every stitch, every fabric choice undergoes rigorous scrutiny. Our commitment to impeccable quality ensures that each bulk storage bag leaving our facility exceeds industry standards.

Tailored to Perfection

      Your needs are unique, and so are our solutions. Whether it’s custom sizes, branded detailing, or specific features, we tailor our bulk storage bags precisely to your requirements.

Sustainability at Heart

      With an eco-conscious approach, we’re committed to sustainability. Our use of recyclable materials and eco-friendly practices align with our vision for a greener future.


Our bulk storage bags are customized according to your specific requirements, ensuring high-quality materials are used. We offer professional advice during customization to ensure the selection of top-notch materials meeting your needs.

Yes, we support logo customization and even offer full customization options for our bulk storage bags according to your preferences.

Our bulk storage bags are manufactured to meet and exceed industry standards for durability and safety, ensuring top-quality and reliability in every product.

The typical lead time for orders of our bulk storage bags varies based on customization and quantity. We strive to provide a clear timeline during the customization process to meet your delivery expectations.

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