Smart Blanket Storage: A Comprehensive Guide

Blankets are a staple for comfort, but storing them properly can be a puzzle. The answer lies in strategic planning and a touch of creativity. Let’s dive into the key aspects.


1 Roll, Don’t Fold: A Space-Saving Marvel
– Rolling blankets is not only space-efficient but also keeps wrinkles at bay.
– Vacuum storage bags work wonders in reducing the volume of rolled blankets.
– Proper rolling technique ensures easy retrieval without unfolding everything.

2 Clean Before You Store: A Prerequisite for Preservation
– Regularly wash and dry your blankets following manufacturer guidelines.
– Store blankets only when they are completely dry to prevent mold growth.
– This simple step prolongs the life of your blankets.

3 Climate Control Matters: The Guardian of Blanket Integrity
– Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage fabrics over time.
– Choose storage spaces with climate control, like under the bed or in a dedicated closet.
– Avoid attics and basements for long-term storage.

4 Use Storage Bins Wisely: Organization Unleashed
– Transparent bins make identifying blankets easy without rummaging.
– Opt for bins with lids to keep blankets dust-free.
– Label each bin according to the types of blankets inside.

5 Cedar for Protection: Nature’s Guardian Angel
– Cedar blocks or sachets add a pleasant aroma while deterring moths.
– A natural alternative to chemical mothballs, cedar protects without harming fabrics.
– Refresh cedar every few months for consistent protection.

6 Avoid Plastic Bags: A Breathable Approach
– Plastic bags trap moisture, leading to a musty smell.
– Choose fabric or cotton storage bags for breathability.
– Proper ventilation ensures blankets stay fresh during storage.

7 Rotate Periodically: Unveiling Blanket Brilliance
– Periodically take blankets out, unfold or unroll them, and refold or reroll differently.
– This prevents permanent creases, ensuring blankets stay in top condition.
– A simple step to maintain the integrity of your cherished blankets.

As we wrap up our guide, remember that the key to effective blanket storage lies in a combination of smart techniques. By rolling, cleaning, considering climate, utilizing storage bins, embracing cedar protection, avoiding plastic, and periodic rotation, you’ll ensure that your blankets stay cozy and inviting whenever you need them. Happy storing!

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